2nd Friday Cancellation

February 11th, 2010
by Madalene

Dearest Supporters of Art and the Phoenix Asylum:

Phoenix Asylum’s 2nd Fridays Art Openings are designed to provide artists and performers with a venue in which to showcase their art and to provide you, our community, with a rich artistic and creative experience. The Phoenix Asylum has a strong vision around providing this experience to a growing audience.

Which is why, with saddened hearts, we have decided to cancel this month’s Circus of Love 2nd Friday event, previously scheduled for February 12.

We have set a high bar for ourselves, and high standards sometimes come at a cost. As part of our effort to ensure that these events happen safely and legally, we have applied to the City of Boulder for a Special Events license to cover the next several 2nd Fridays events. This application triggered a property inspection that included five (!) city officials.

Given the age of our building and the types of activities that have been historically held there, we have been informed that we have some work to do to bring the space up to code for the types of activities we wish to conduct. In order to protect the long-term vision of our space and maintain a positive working relationship with the City, our strategy is to complete the work on the space before holding additional events. Suffice it to say, that we have learned from the experiences of NIMBY in San Francisco!

We sincerely apologize to you and to our artists and performers for the last minute notice. This situation came to our attention and a decision was made within the past 48 hours. Many of our artists have worked hard to prepare for this show, so we welcome any suggestions on other venues in Boulder looking for artists. We want to help make this right for the participating artists.

Keep reading for more information on what we need to accomplish in the space and how you might be able to help.

We have a few tiers of work to do. First, we will tackle some simpler issues which will give us a clean slate for continuing with the activities of an artists’ workshop. These include such items as:

–Having the electrical work (which appears to have been strung together over the course of decades) inspected, repaired and approved by a certified electrician. If you know of any Master Electricians who would be sympathetic to our cause (and bank account size), please let us know!

–Reconfiguring some of our storage areas to account for safety around electrical boxes

–Rework some of the details of the loft and stairs

–Properly mount our fire extinguishers to the wall

–Switch the door handles on our doors as well as the direction in which one of the doors swings.

We plan to announce ongoing work parties to accomplish these tasks as quickly as possible. Please check back regularly and feel free to stop by to lend your support. We will need all the help we can get.

Second, we will evaluate and create a plan for improving the space so that is up to the level necessary to hold the style and size of events we plan for future. We are awaiting lists from the City as to what improvements will be needed under such a plan. But, to give you an idea of what we may be looking at, it may include items such as:

–Upgrading the bathroom and adding an additional room. If you know a certified plumber who may be willing to help us with such a project, please let us know!

–Altering the doors to the property

–Significant investments of time and money.If you know of any philanthropic-minded arts lovers, now would be the time for an introduction!

We feel very honored to have such a resourceful and creative membership and community. So, while this is a minor setback, we are confident that the Phoenix Asylum will continue to burn brightly in everyone’s future. Stay tuned here for more information and updates on our progress.

Much Love,
The Phoenix Asylum Inmates

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  • Phoenixasylum.. Great idea 🙂

  • My Covello says:

    We’re talking about this on our blog too!

  • Hi folks; good to hear of another art venue coming to town, and best of luck jumping through the hoops that will make you legit.
    The Nobo Arts District is looking for performers for Boulder Arts Week – you should contact Annette Coleman for more info.
    Art Parts is a burgeoning creative reuse center coming to Boulder – local, affordable commercial address unknown at this time – but we look forward to serving you and collaborating with you in the future. You can follow our progress on our FB page: Art Parts Creative Reuse Center.