Need Space?

March 14th, 2015
by Crystal

Hello to all the lovely Artists and makers in the cyber world.

Do you need space for your work? Have a desire to stretch out and make things?  Phoenix Asylum has space available. Become part of a great artistic community, and enjoy a creative environment to bring your designs to the physical realm. For more information please email

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Makey Makey build night projects

March 14th, 2015
by Crystal
Noisy fun in the winter: Our January MakeyMakey Build Night
After the success of our Sugru build night in September, co-hosts Tater and Madalene were up for another build night! In January, we hosted a new build night, this time with the product MakeyMakey. MakeyMakey is a circuit kit that consists of a circuit board, alligator clips and wires, and a USB cable to connect the set to a computer. For the build night, most attendees played with creating circuits that allowed their MakeyMakey to be controlled by the very simple programming language Scratch, a graphical educational programming tool created at MIT.
The ideas from the attendees ranged far and wide – from a fart machine to a labyrinth game inspired by the game “Operation”, to a bat-mobile that demonstrated bat sonar calls to a ukulele tuner to turning a sweatshirt into an ipod! Playing with the sets was lots of fun – and now we have added a few MakeyMakey sets for borrowing by Phoenix Asylum members.
Tater and I intend to keep up doing build nights with our partnership with Check out all of our posted ideas here and stay in touch for future workshops by joining our announce-only email list.
And, if having space to host workshops and keep your own studio space sounds appealing, reach out to us at Spaces open at our workshop on a regular basis, contact us to get a tour!IMG_1629 IMG_1631 IMG_1636 IMG_1637 IMG_1638 IMG_1640 IMG_1641

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September Sugru Build night

September 29th, 2014
by Crystal

What have we been up to lately, you ask?

On Monday, September 22nd, we held a sugru tinkering party!

Folks from around the city came over to our Sugru workshop, where we had the opportunity to play with this unique, flexible, room-temperature setting polymer that is useful for fixing and creating all kinds of flexible and colorful things. 20 people came and brought their broken items and ideas and were able to try out the material in different uses. Many of us took pictures of our process, turning them into Instructables for the Instructables website, and as of today, two so far have been featured on the main page! Everyone got to walk away with a newly created or newly fixed item, and get inspiration from each other while showing their own stuff both in person and on the Instructables website. To learn more, check out our group of Instructables here!

As a reminder, if you are interested in hearing about our upcoming events, you can join our announce-only mailing list.


PA-Sugru Workshop-2PA-Sugru Workshop-1PA-Sugru Workshop-3PA-Sugru Workshop-4PA-Sugru Workshop-5Begin sugru stamp project

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Space Available

August 13th, 2014
by Crystal

Check us out if you are creative! If you are inspired to do you artwork but don’t have the space! If you seek an innovative and exciting artistic collaborative!

We are the Phoenix Asylum Maker/Artist Cooperative in Boulder. We are just what you need!

An eclectic creative community, the Phoenix Asylum is where you will find space and tools for your projects, along with the inspiration and encouragement that can be found when amazing artistic minds congregate!

We have space available beginning immediately, which consists of –
– 100sf (approximately) of studio space that is yours to set up as you like
– use of the communal space, with a tall overhead garage door
– use of and training on communal tools, such as welding equipment and plasma cutter

Who are we? We are a friendly coop of 15-20 maker/artists who share duties running the facilities.

The devil is in the details: Rent is $210/month, with first, last & deposit due at lease signing. Minimum 3 month lease and background check required. Extra people allowed on lease, maximum 3 people/space, for an additional fee.

Interested? Contact us at!

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Change in format

August 13th, 2014
by Crystal

PA 2nd Friday 8-2012 through the hoop                 Hello Lovelies!!

Well some of you may have already heard…We are changing our format slightly.

We at the asylum want to contribute to the community in ways that have the most impact. From early on, we have opened our doors every month and invited guest artists to come and share their work with the community. As of late it has also become difficult for all of us to devote the type of energy *every* month it would take to create events that are truly spectacular. In light of this, we have decided to update our format slightly. From this day forward we will continue to open our doors on the second Friday of every month to the public for a different kind of event: to come see us working or visit with us. It may only be a few of us working, hanging out or possibly catching a flick with a member’s projector. Movie nights will be posted when available.

Here’s our bigger news: we will have special events quarterly every year! These will be big events that represent our group efforts, similar to our December art show and other bigger events. The days will not always be Fridays, but it will most likely be on a weekend evening. Stay tuned for our next planned event in October 2014.

Also, for the first time EVER, the Phoenix Asylum members will be participating in Boulder Open Studios! This spectacular celebration of Boulder’s artists is during the first two weekends of October, and we are very excited about our debut. There will be more information about this event posted as soon as it comes in.

We look forward to seeing more of you at our events, and we welcome you to come and check out what we are up to any second Friday of the year. Your friends and artists,

The Phoenix Asylum Inmates

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